In 2022, when we are still battling the global COVID-19 pandemic as well as the ever-increasing CO2 emission related concerns, the critical role of science in addressing global challenges is clearer than ever before. Therefore, we at Altum Technologies are glad to be part of the solution and consequently contribute to the society through sustainable development, which is the focus of the World Science Day 2022 with the society.  


We Altumers believe that with science we are able to make a positive change every minute in the lives of all living creature as well as the future of our planet. With our ZPD ultrasonic technology we provide sustainable ways for our customers and partners to reduce their carbon footprint, and water usage while enhancing the production efficiency through fouling mitigation and fouling prevention.  

Additionally, Altum Technologies contributes concretely to the society by including the general public In its ways to strive for a sustainable future. Some of these methods are: 

  • Providing middle schoolers (grades 7-9) with the opportunity to do their work-life training at its headquarters in Helsinki, Finland. 
  • Hosting university students in lectures and seminars where they can familiarize themselves with state-of-the-art Climate technology of Altum and its partners as well as networking opportunities in the start-up world. 
  • Cooperating with universities as well as municipalities to reduce energy waste, CO2 emissions, water usage as well as use of hazardous chemicals. 

The reason why we are celebrating the UNESCO World Science Day for Peace and Development on November 10th, is to join the UNESCO in highlighting the important role of science within our societies and underlining the need for and importance of creating ways for future scientists and science enthusiasts to contribute to their own lives and environment. To this end, Altum intends to offer similar opportunities in the future in addition to hosting other live and virtual events to encourage scientists to broaden their understanding of the remarkable ways to contribute to the sustainable development of solutions supporting long-term goals for our planet.