Approximately a third of the capital cost in a pulp mill is related to chemical recovery and power generation. One of the primary processes in chemical recovery is the evaporation plant. Unfortunately, evaporators’ fouling is a major cause of process downtime, production and output losses as well as decrease in evaporators’ energy efficiency, capacity, and lifetime. Traditionally, fouling in evaporators is removed with chemical washes or mechanically.  However, these require production interruptions, causing both production losses and increases in labour, water, and chemical consumption. The production losses caused by shutdowns for cleanouts can cost pulp and paper mills tens of thousands of dollars per hour.

To address and minimize these costs, Altum Technologies has already presented a software-guided power ultrasound solution, showcased on a webinar on April 22nd along with TAPPI, that is serving its customers worldwide. Altum’s solution has helped numerous pulp and paper mills globally, gain process uptime and production increase in addition to financial benefits, by mitigating fouling in the processes and thus getting rid of unplanned process downtimes.

We are happy to announce that AltumTechnologies will be present at TAPPI PEERS on 31.10.2022 at booth number 308. To prepare your questions from our representatives at the both, watch the full webinar here, where our colleagues are giving their insight on how to gain process uptime and increase production capacity by using our Power Ultrasound solution.

And as always, should you want to optimize your process please do not hesitate and contact us, we’ll analyse your case and provide a comprehensive proposal which will aim at tackling the challenges faced by your production due to fouling.