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Founded in 2016 in Helsinki, Finland, Altum Technologies uses software-guided power ultrasound to remove fouling from industrial equipment with no need for production stoppages and equipment disassembly.


For several years, Matias Tainela (CEO) and Bo Malmberg (CCO) had a business venture focused on importing various sonic and ultrasonic cleantech solutions to help customers clean fouling and scaling from industrial equipment. “Do you have a product that can clean our fouled equipment with ultrasound – without us needing to stop production? was the question that Bo and Matias got all the time from their customers.

The business partners searched the global market for a powerful ultrasonic cleaning solution that would work, but it just didn’t exist. Most of the options they identified lacked the ability to precisely control the power levels to clean the equipment thoroughly, which therefore meant they were not able to deliver effective cleaning results.

After researching how a powerful ultrasonic cleaning solution might be created, Professor Edward Haeggström at the University of Helsinki was recommended as the best person to help develop such a cleaning system. Edward has vast knowledge in the field of ultrasound technology and, already at that time, had a world-class team including Petro Moilanen (CScO) and Timo Rauhala (CTO) that was able to create a high-power, precisely-controlled ultrasonic solution. As a result, the technology was successfully developed and Altum Technologies was established in May 2016.


Fouling is one of the biggest contributors to climate change and global warming. This may surprise you, but industrial operations globally are responsible for a total of about 30% of all CO2 emissions. Currently the main efforts to reduce CO2 emissions have been focused on transportation, which is responsible for about 17% of the total emissions. In developed countries the amount of CO2 generated is roughly the same between industry and transportation.

When looking at industrial CO2 release in more detail, one of the biggest causes is fouling in production processes. Fouling is often overlooked as a contributing source of emissions, due the fact that all industries have fouling and conventional wisdom says there is no way to prevent it. Until now.

To get a feeling for the enormous environmental impact this causes, consider this: Fouling in heat exchangers is responsible for a massive 2.5% of global CO2 emissions and until now it was thought that fouling is something that cannot be avoided. These emissions are equal to that caused by 200 million cars – and this could be avoided just by preventing fouling on the surfaces of heat exchangers.

Altum’s Mission is to help industry to avoid fouling. In practice this means not only reducing CO2 emissions, but also increasing production capability by avoiding unnecessary process interruptions caused by the need for cleaning. That’s what ZPD, Zero Process Downtime, is all about.

Altum’s Vision is to help industrial companies to drastically reduce GHG emissions and thus contribute to preventing global warming. Altum aims to be the industry leader in helping companies to reduce their environmental footprint – while at the same time improving and increasing both their production output and profit potential.

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