Want to see how it works?

ZPD Ultrasound uses powerful ultrasonic waves to disrupt scale formation. And to break up scale that is already deposited. Here you can see ZPD power ultrasound foul cleaning in action!

For pipes

In any process industry plant where fluid is transferred in pipes there will be presence of fouling which is a significant problem. A common way to solve this is to shut down the process and mechanically clean the pipes. Another possibility is to use chemicals to dissolve the build up inside of the pipes.

For evaporators

The accumulation of an undesirable layer of deposits or fouling on the heat-transfer surfaces causes significant and expensive issues for both operation and maintenance of the evaporators. The fouling can decrease the evaporator’s energy efficiency and increase CO2 emissions of the evaporation process.

For pumps & valves

Scaling deposits in pumps are a common source of problems that can lead to both excessive wear as well as higher energy pumping costs. If impellers or housings become coated with scale, this can then also negatively impact on the bearings, shaft and motor.

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