Sound into Performance
Sound into Performance
Reduce your environmental footprint and maintenance costs
Reduce your environmental footprint and maintenance costs

ZPD Ultrasonic Fouling Mitigation – Easy to install, Easy to use, Easy to prefer.

We call it ZPD, indicating Zero-Process-Downtime, because it reflects our ultimate goal of keeping industrial processes running with the highest possible uptime. Of course, downtime can always occur for a variety of reasons, but by using ZPD technology you can keep your production stops and expenses due to fouling and scaling down to an absolute minimum

ZPD gives you multiple benefits

Less Downtime for Cleaning

More Saleable Products + More Income

Less Manual Cleaning

Lower Maintenance Costs + Reduced Harmful Chemical Emissions

Increased Energy Efficiency

Lower Costs + Lower CO2 Emissions



Fouling and scaling is a problem in most industrial processes which requires periodic and unplanned shutdowns for difficult and expensive cleaning tasks. Shutting down your operations to manually open up and clean process equipment is a costly practice that has until now always been accepted as a cost of doing business.

But that doesn’t mean you must let old routines or simple inertia force you into accepting these high costs forever and ever.

Now there is a real alternative. ZPD.



ZPD with Altum’s Ultrasonic fouling mitigation technology is a patented method that is available today to improve any existing production process. It can both clean up existing fouling/scaling and prevent future deposits from occurring.

The solution can be installed and used without stopping your production lines and without making any changes to the equipment. Finally, by reducing the use of harmful chemicals, and increasing energy efficiency, Altum helps to significantly reduce your environmental footprint.



Reduce your plant’s CO2 footprint and increase the sustainability of your operations with Altum’s ultrasonic cleaning technology by using less chemicals and reducing process downtime. How much can we help you save and reduce environmental impact when your processes are running stabile? Contact us, and let’s find the greener way to streamline your operations with fewer headaches!

Want to see how it works?

See the Zero-Process-Downtime ultrasonic cleaning technology in action!

Download our guide to power ultrasound

Keep reading to see how it works in your process and then, to start running clean, get in touch with us to test ZPD

Altum’s ZPD Ultrasound is a very flexible technology that can be used both continuously online during production as a fouling prevention tool and also as a support for other cleaning methods, to make them more efficient, sustainable and less costly. The main benefits achieved are quality/efficiency improvements, production uptime increases and savings in chemicals and manual labor. All of these add up to big financial gains and fewer headaches.




25 %

Evaporator efficiency increase


Money saved for clients