ESG environment

During 2022, Altum has focused on creating and implementing an ESG strategy. We have cooperated with all our stakeholders and made an ESG roadmap for the following years. We aim to build lasting value for our customers and generate returns for stakeholders responsibly. We believe that we can create a sustainable future together with our stakeholders with concrete steps and actions. Our ESG strategy is in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

One of our concrete actions has been creating Altum’s ESG policy. Our ESG policy describes how we consider the ESG (environmental, social, and governance) factors in our external and internal operations. ESG is essential to our company’s strategy, and we are committed to continuously improving our company culture, processes, and day-to-day work in line with our ESG policy. Altum’s management team has signed the policy.

We are focusing on three main themes:

  • Safety, which is our main priority,
  • Improving our understanding of our solution’s environmental and climate benefits for our customers and partners, and
  • Investing in our best asset, our employees’ well-being and health.

Therefore, our ESG commitments are:

  • Altum aims to explore further its solution’s potential to reduce the climate and environmental impacts of its customer’s operations with the long-term vision of becoming the number one technical solution in helping industrial actors achieve energy, material, and process efficiency.
  • Altum’s goal is to be the best practice example of a fair and attractive workplace among its peer group.
  • Altum’s (industrial maintenance) solution paves the path to enable occupational health and safety as well as secure industrial maintenance.

The ESG policy has now been published, and you can read the policy on our website: