Altum’s ZPD Ultrasound Solution for Industry-Specific Issues – The Right Solution for Your Business

Altum Technologies is dedicated to improving and enhancing industrial processes. Through our innovative Zero Process Downtime (ZPD) technology, which harnesses the power of high-power ultrasound, we address the issues caused by fouling in industrial processes. With our ZPD solution, we can also help customers enhance separation and improve yield.

Fouling is a common problem in various industries, and Altum’s solutions are targeted at solving the fouling issues of all sectors. There is a need to improve efficiency in all process industry sectors, and this is something Altum Technologies can help with. Emission reductions, energy efficiency, and related requirements are driving all sectors to consider improving and adapting their operations to meet the various criteria.

Every industry has its challenges: we recognize these problems and have the right solution for your business. We provide our solutions to several customers in the following industries:

  • Pulp & Paper
  • Mining & Minerals
  • Energy
  • Oil & Gas
  • Nuclear
  • Food & Beverage
  • Water
  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceutical Industry

Our journey began in the Pulp and Paper industry, where we established our first customer relationships. Since then, we have diversified into other sectors, with Mining and Minerals and Energy in addition to Pulp and Paper as some of our most significant industries today. A more recent addition is the Nuclear sector, which presents unique challenges due to its strict safety standards and other regulations.

Altum’s solutions don’t require a massive amount of customization between industries. Some tweaking, of course, and the unique needs of each sector need to be considered, but our standard solution generally fits all industries well.

We are happy and proud to say that we are helping companies worldwide tackle fouling. We provide solutions to customers in Finland, Sweden, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, USA, Canada, Chile, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Japan, New Zealand, Mexico, Austria, Switzerland, and Estonia.

But let’s take a closer look at the industries which we provide solutions for!

Pulp & Paper


In the pulp and paper industry, a sector characterized by complex processes and high capital intensity, achieving production efficiency and minimizing downtime are crucial for success. A significant challenge to these objectives is the fouling and scaling of equipment, which leads to process interruptions and product quality issues. Traditional cleaning methods involve toxic chemicals and mechanical washing, necessitating production halts that not only increase labor, water, and chemical usage but also lead to substantial financial losses. In addition to this, Altum’s ultrasound can also enhance tall oil separation, leading to improved yield.

The significance of efficiency and sustainability in various Pulp and Paper processes is on the rise, driven by the growing demand for bioproducts as alternatives to plastics.

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Mining & Minerals 


In the mining and minerals processing industry, achieving process stability across the various stages of extraction, which involve a wide range of chemical reactions, is essential for maximizing recovery rates. However, managing the diverse characteristics of different slurries that often lead to scaling presents a significant challenge in maintaining clean and efficient operations. Current cleaning methodologies, predominantly mechanical and chemical, have drawbacks: mechanical cleaning necessitates costly and inconvenient shutdowns. In contrast, adding scaling-prevention chemicals can adversely affect the process’s chemistry, decreasing recovery rates. With Altum’s ultrasound, fouling issues can be taken care of while production is ongoing.

The significance of the Minerals industry is also rapidly increasing due to electrification and the growing need for materials for batteries.

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Cleaning is a critical and challenging task across various process industries, including energy, heating, and power generation, where equipment fouling significantly impacts production through increased labor costs, downtime, and energy consumption. Achieving high efficiency in energy production and heat transfer is vital for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and meeting sustainability goals, necessitating new energy production and distribution technologies.

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Oil & Gas


Fouling of industrial equipment significantly affects the Oil & Gas industry by causing production downtime and increased energy consumption across the entire value chain, from extraction to transportation and refining. Traditional cleaning methods, which often involve mechanical wash-ups and toxic chemicals, struggle against the continuous fouling from hundreds of potential substances. These substances vary widely in their properties, making the cleaning process complex and frequently necessitating extended stoppages for maintenance, thereby leading to considerable losses in production time.

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Altum’s patented ultrasound technology offers a revolutionary approach to decontaminating, cleaning, and maintaining equipment in operational and decommissioning nuclear power plants. It is safe, effective, and operational during regular system use or outages, enhancing system performance and reducing worker radiation exposure. Unlike traditional methods that require shielding or mechanical cleaning, Altum’s technology can be deployed without halting operations, avoiding equipment disassembly. Its versatile system easily attaches to various components without welding or adhesives. A distinctive feature is its advanced software, which can target the ultrasound to specific locations and is controllable both locally and remotely, ensuring precise and efficient decontamination processes.

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Food & Beverage


The food and beverage industry, marked by its complexity and diversity, is distinguished from other sectors by its emphasis on short-batch production, driven by fluctuating market demands and stringent quality and cleanliness standards. Aseptic treatment is a core component across nearly all its processes, highlighting the critical role of cleaning in maintaining hygiene. Traditional hygiene maintenance involves Clean-in-Place (CIP) and manual cleaning methods, which, while effective, incur significant costs and can lead to reduced production capacity due to the extended duration of cleaning processes.

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The escalating global need for clean water and rising environmental awareness has underscored the importance of the water and wastewater industries. Industrial effluents are a principal source of water pollution, affecting water quality worldwide. To combat this, water and wastewater treatment plants process effluents from both industrial and municipal origins, aiming to purify the water to levels suitable for reuse. However, wastewater treatment is fraught with fouling-related challenges, including laborious, chemical-intensive procedures, high operational costs, and reliance on toxic chemicals. Altum’s ultrasound can help improve these processes by preventing and removing fouling in addition to enhancing dewatering to ensure the efficient separation of water from solids.

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Chemical and petrochemical plants’ efficiency relies heavily on the continuous operation of all equipment. Fouling, which can halt a single process unit, potentially disrupts the entire plant. This fouling may be organic, inorganic, or a combination, with mechanisms that vary widely depending on the reactions between organic and inorganic materials and the types of equipment involved.

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Pharmaceutical Industry


In the pharmaceutical industry, cleaning processes must meet exceedingly high-performance standards, aligning with stringent quality targets and extensive qualification procedures. Ultrasound can help reach these standards and ensure a clean production environment.

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Altum’s unique ZPD ultrasonic fouling mitigation is designed to solve your company’s industry-specific needs. We understand different industries’ specific regulations and criteria and know how to find the right solution to your problem.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn how we could solve your fouling issues!

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