Pioneering Energy Efficiency Through Innovation – The Story of Altum

In today’s world, where sustainability and environmental responsibility have become paramount, Altum Technologies is a dedicated advocate for both causes. Our mission is to be a leader in the charge towards revolutionized global energy efficiency.

In this article, Bo Malmberg (CCO) shares his thoughts on energy efficiency, the process industry’s future –and the story of how Altum Technologies was born.

From boats to process industry – How did it all begin?


While residing in Germany, Malmberg stumbled upon a unique technology made for cleaning the bottoms of boats with ultrasound. Intrigued by this technology, he learned that it was the handwriting of a Belgian company.

Teaming up with Matias Tainela, now Altum’s CEO, Malmberg embarked on a mission to introduce this technology to their native Finland. However, they soon realized that its potential extended well beyond maritime applications.

“We knew we could help with the commercialization of ultrasound technology in Finland. However, we quickly concluded that although the device was originally made to solve water-based problems, the process industry had many similar needs,” Malmberg says.

After the technology achieved massive success in Finland, Malmberg and Tainela realized that, despite its uniqueness, practicality, and alignment with the needs of the process industry, another problem still needed to be addressed

“Our clients were delighted with the technology, but soon they started asking for something more,” Malmberg says.

For several years, Tainela and Malmberg had a business venture focused on importing various sonic and ultrasonic cleantech solutions to help customers clean fouling and scaling from industrial equipment. But soon the clients started to ask the same question: “Do you have a product that can clean our contaminated equipment with ultrasound – without us needing to stop production? ”

“We searched for that kind of technology but soon realized that we were looking for something that simply didn’t exist,” Malmberg explains.

Lower costs, higher results – ZPD technology brings companies remarkable benefits


Upon delving into the quest for a powerful ultrasonic cleaning solution, the team discovered Professor Edward Haeggström at the University of Helsinki. Renowned for his expertise in ultrasound technology, Edward led an accomplished team, which included Petro Moilanen (CScO) and Timo Rauhala (CTO). Together, they successfully engineered a high-powered, precision-controlled ultrasonic solution, ultimately leading to the establishment of Altum Technologies in May 2016.

Today, Altum provides a unique solution to companies in the process industry, delivering not only enhanced factory efficiency but also significant improvements in energy efficiency.

With ZPD (Zero-Process-Downtime) technology, there is no need to stop production or use chemicals to clean the equipment, such as evaporators. Malmberg points out that the solution actively keeps the equipment clean instead of waiting for it to get dirty.

It’s clear that when the production keeps going, and the use of water, chemicals, and manual cleaning are minimized, the process as a whole is improved. Altum offers solutions for various industries from pulp and paper to mining and energy, helping factories effectively prevent scaling and fouling.

No matter which industry your company represents, Altum’s modern technology will give your company multiple improvements, from increased process uptime to lowered emissions.

Read more about the benefits here >>

Malmberg highlights the broader environmental implications: “In terms of the energy economy, energy efficiency, and the environment, it’s important to note that even though our device is attached to a single piece of equipment, the effect reaches the entire factory – meaning that the benefits are significant.”

Malmberg explains that while environmental well-being is Altum’s top priority, alongside it stands the essential value of the people who work towards a greener future.

“We want to be the world’s number one climate technology company, but we can never reach that goal without a good, motivated, competent work team. We also think a lot about how we work with our customers”, Malmberg highlights.

“It is important to us that we always do as we say. We want everyone inside and outside our company to be able to trust us.”

“We should stop delaying change” – seeking a greener future


While our unique technology has significantly changed the process industry, there’s always more to do.

Altum’s focus is on making impactful changes in the present. Malmberg advocates for achieving 10-20% greater energy efficiency today rather than aiming for a 50% improvement ten years later. He believes in taking incremental yet meaningful steps to enhance energy efficiency, ultimately reducing costs, improving productivity, and enhancing long-term profitability.

“Everyone seems to be concentrating on making entirely new production processes, which are much more efficient. But it takes tens of years to develop them.”

Malmberg hopes that the discussion about a greener future changes towards thinking about the solutions we could make right away rather than only seeing the bigger picture way ahead in the future.

“We can make remarkable things now – one step at a time – and improve energy efficiency.”

Join our Journey and enjoy the greener destination


As we conclude Altum Technologies’ incredible journey from chance discovery to groundbreaking innovation, we stand at a crucial moment where the importance of sustainability and environmental responsibility has never been greater. Our unwavering commitment to revolutionizing global energy efficiency underscores the pressing need for change in today’s world.

Altum Technologies’ unique ultrasonic cleaning solution has paved the path for more efficient processes, reduced energy consumption, and cleaner industries. Our vision extends well into the future, recognizing that the present is the key to meaningful transformation. Together, we can forge a world where sustainability and progress go hand in hand, ushering in a brighter, more energy-efficient future for future generations

Like Malmberg said: “We can make truly remarkable things happen now – so let’s stop delaying the change.”

Reach out to us today to embark on your path toward a greener and more energy-efficient tomorrow. Together, we can achieve impressive results and make the world a better place.