4 Ways How Improving Your Energy Efficiency Benefits Your Company

Improving energy efficiency is one of the most cost-effective measures industrial companies can take. These measures should be very high on the to-do list of everyone wanting to reach significant cost savings in both time and energy.

As many industrial companies are facing issues connected with rising energy costs and an uncertain and even troublesome global financial situation, it is safe to assume that any possibilities to decrease one’s energy consumption are welcomed by businesses worldwide.

Altum Technologies is one of the pioneers that offers innovative solutions for industrial companies struggling with numerous problems caused by fouling.

Fouling is the accumulation of unwanted material such as dirt, scale, suspended solids, insoluble salts and even algae on the internal surfaces of pipes valves, pumps, and other industrial equipment.

Fouling is a universal problem for industrial companies, driving massive financial losses since companies are losing both time and money. A staggering 150 billion dollars are lost annually by fouling, due to higher energy costs and both diminished performance and output. Companies are also constantly losing production time due to downtime because of cleaning.

Here is where Altum Technologies steps in. We offer industrial companies a unique patented software-guided ultrasound ZPD technology for preventing fouling from industrial equipment without stopping production.

We have created an ultrasound-based, software-driven solution to remove and prevent fouling in an environmentally friendly way with great financial gains.

  • With the help of Altum’s software-guided ultrasound ZPD technology your company can achieve the following benefits:
  • increased output
  • decrease in energy consumption
  • less downtime
  • cost savings from reducing cleaning and maintenance

Our customers typically face the following challenges: they battle operational throughput reduction, high process downtime and well as high energy costs. Does it sound familiar to you?

Here is where we come in: our solutions help your company reach higher throughput, lower OPEX, and reduced energy use. We are here to help you improve your existing production process. It can both clean up existing fouling and scaling and prevent future deposits from occurring.

Let’s look at some numbers to demonstrate the impact of Altum’s solution. Our clients have benefited in the following ways by using Altum’s solution in their processes:

  • Energy efficiency is up +50 %
  • Operational time is up +25 %
  • Evaporation ton per hour rate is up +6 %
  • Pumping efficiency up is +10 %
  • Mechanical and Chemical cleansing is down +70 %

In brief: Industrial companies can expect significant cost savings due to multiple improvements in the cleaning process provided by Altum’s patented ZPD solution.

If you are interested in improving the energy efficiency of your processes, we are here to help you! Contact us now!