Forests are – and always have been – a vital part of the lives of different people and nations around the globe. They provide us not just with our livelihoods and nutrition but are also an essential part of our physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Although the importance of forests is evident every day of the year, there is a special day dedicated to forests on the 21st of March, when we celebrate the International Day of Forests. Especially on that day, the unique and crucial importance of forests around the world is being highlighted – and it can’t be highlighted enough!

Forests offer us peace and a connection to nature in various different ways: you can enjoy a refreshing hike, pick berries and mushrooms for culinary treats or try some Japanese forest bathing, shinrin-yoku, to reach new meditative heights.

At the same time, forests also provide vital benefits not just to us humans, but to our living environment as well, by protecting the soil and cleaning up our climate. Unfortunately, we are not as good at taking care of the forest, as the forest is at taking care of us.

Every year, an area of forest of the size of Iceland (103.000km2 / 40.000sq mi) is lost globally. Eight percent of forest plant species are endangered and five percent of forest animal species are threatened with extinction. This happens continuously, even though taking good care of our forests is one of the most vital things we can do for our globe as protecting forests contributes to preserving biodiversity and combating climate change.

Altum Technologies shares these concerns and ambitions, and we are dedicated to protecting our forests and the environment with our own, unique patented software-guided ultrasound ZPD technology for industrial equipment in the process industry.

With Altum’s technology, companies in the process industry can increase the sustainability of industrial operations as they

  • reduce harmful chemical emissions in cleaning processes.
  • reduce fossil content (soap) ending up in incineration.
  • reach lower CO2 emissions as less energy is needed to catalyze the separation.

The International Day of Forests, which has been celebrated since 2013, is a perfect moment to cherish and enjoy the existence of forests. It is also crucial to remember, that the existence of forests is entirely up to us people and our actions.  Altum celebrates this day but also wants to emphasize that we should all take care of our forests every day and in every way possible.

If you want to hear more how Altum’s solutions can make the processes more sustainable, don’t hesitate to contact us!