Introducing Altum

In our ‘Introducing Altum’ -series, we’re introducing you to the people behind the scenes taking care of our different operations.

Are you ready to learn more about the role of Altum’s Deputy CEO, responsible for Customers and Product? We’ll delve into his thoughts on working at Altum, including his favorite aspects of the job, the challenges encountered in a smaller, growing company, and take a glimpse into his workdays.

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What is your title?

Deputy CEO, Customers and Product.

How long have you worked at Altum?

One year.

Why did you want to work at Altum?

I found Altum overall an interesting company, and especially the purpose and possibilities of the unique technology intrigued me. Altum is a growing company, with a possibility to do things that haven’t been done before by anyone.

What is your educational background?

Master of Science (M.Sc.) in automation technology.

What do you do during a regular workday?

My workdays are often very different from each other, but the thing that unites them is ensuring that we do our best to create customer value every day – in deliveries but also in technology development. I go through deliveries in progress and discuss new possibilities with our customers and sales team. My days often contain strategic considerations and long-term planning, as a counterweight to the more operational work I do with our customer projects. To sum it up, the content of my workdays can vary from filling out a dispatch note to discussing and updating our strategy – never a dull moment!

What are your favorite things about your job?

The work is motivating, as we have a clear purpose and vision, and our technology has so much potential to help our customers. Our technology and its applications are very interesting, making learning more about them exciting. Last but not least, we have a great team here at Altum.

What are the most challenging things in your job?

The most challenging thing is that in a small company, resources are more limited than in bigger companies. It may be easy to tell what needs to be improved, but prioritization, timing, and the scope of improvement are much harder to get right. Luckily agile thinking provides a valuable source of help.

 Is there something you have recently learned on the job?

The past year working in this role has been very educational and I have learned a lot about working in the dynamic operational environment of a growth company. A lot of the things I’ve learned boil down to the fact that I mentioned earlier: it’s much easier to see the ideal solutions and situations than it is to find the suitable route to get there. Finding and experimenting with these routes to success continues to be a great learning experience.

What makes Altum a trendsetter?

We have a unique way of producing value for our customers, with our one-of-a-kind innovation of using ultrasound. On top of that, our work is meaningful: we try to help industries to use our planet’s scarce resources efficiently and lower emissions, all in all affecting the world positively. We’re fighting a big problem one step (or in our case, one ultrasonic transducer) at a time.

Thank you Mikael for sharing your thoughts! 

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