Introducing Altum: ESG & HR Director

In our ‘Introducing Altum’ -series, we’re introducing you to the people behind the scenes taking care of our different operations. Last week we heard from Beda regarding our ESG policies and employee safety, and in this interview we’ll find out more about her journey at Altum, favorite aspects of her job and recent learnings.

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What is your title?

ESG & HR Director

How long have you worked at Altum?

4,5 years.

What is your educational background?

I have a M.Sc. in Economics and Business Admistration, majoring in International Business with a minor in Business Law.

What made you want to work at Altum?

I was writing my bachelor’s thesis on cleantech, and I became very interested in the field. While researching the topic, I stumbled upon an interesting climatetech startup, Altum Technologies. I contacted the CEO to inquire about any open positions, and eventually got a job as Account Manager for Pulp & Paper. Later, I was promoted to Account Executive, then ESG Director and soon after I was offered my current role.

What do you do during a regular workday?

It varies: my role contains different tasks, from larger strategic ESG developments and HR matters to day-to-day HR activities. In ESG, we are mainly concentrating on the Environmental and Social aspects, finding ways to calculate and further reduce our customers’ climate impact and improve employee well-being and safety. In HR, I’m working on developing our different processes and recently finished updating our modern work handbook, including internal communication guidelines, together with our employee well-being committee.

What are your favorite things about your job?

I enjoy working with people, and that’s something I get to do a lot in this role. I like having responsibility and being able to concretely work towards better employee wellbeing and fulfilling our ESG commitments. I strongly believe in what we do here at Altum and the positive impact we can create by helping industries lower emissions. It’s meaningful to work towards a goal like that, and that is something I really like about my job.

What makes you enjoy working at Altum?

Open atmosphere, a global operational environment, and low hierarchy are very important aspects, and of course the possibility to constantly develop my skills. I’ve personally had experience with advancing within the company, and that’s one thing I enjoy about Altum as a workplace.

What have you recently learned on the job?

During my time at Altum, I’ve always been encouraged to jump into the unknown and grow as a professional, first in the customer field by learning about their wants and needs, and about the integral collaboration needed to ensure a successful project, and then in ESG and HR. Recently I’ve been able to learn a lot about ESG, leading our ESG function strategically and about the constantly evolving world of ESG reporting. I’ve also learnt a lot about how to manage my own time and how to prioritize, which is a very useful skill.

What makes Altum a trendsetter?

As mentioned, I believe our technology has the possibility to create real change. I also think the way we approach work and value flexibility, enabling all our employees to have freedom regarding their working hours, is something that makes us a trendsetter as an employer.

Thank you Beda for sharing your thoughts!


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