Approximately a third of the capital cost in a pulp mill is related to chemical recovery and power generation. One of the primary processes in chemical recovery is the evaporation plant. Unfortunately, evaporators’ fouling/scaling is a major cause of bottlenecks for pulp production, causing process downtime, production losses, and decreasing evaporators’ energy efficiency, capacity, and lifetime. Traditionally, fouling in evaporators is removed with chemical washes or mechanically.  However, these require production interruptions, causing production losses and labor, water, and chemical consumption increases. The production losses caused by shutdowns for cleanouts can cost pulp and paper mills tens of thousands of dollars per hour.

With our ZPD solution, we can help you to gain process uptime, and increase energy efficiency in your evaporators, and at the same time reduce your environmental footprint significantly and help you to meet your sustainability goals.

Learn more about how we can help you eliminate the fouling/scaling issues in your evaporation process without increasing your CO2 emissions: Look at our webinar with TAPPI and read our case study in Paper Advance Magazine!

We’ve partnered up with TAPPI, the worldwide leading association of pulp & paper professionals. Beda Arponen and Esteban Soto discuss how to gain process uptime and increase production capacity using our Power Ultrasound system. Watch the entire webinar here:   (starts from the case studies part, feel free to watch from the beginning, though!)

Read the entire case study; you can access it via the following link from Paper Advance Magazine:  Preventing Fouling in Evaporators with High-Power Ultrasound

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