Altum Finland COP26 goals industry must act now

Our planet wellbeing and existence is at stake. During these first 2 weeks of November world leaders at COP26 – UN Climate Change Conference have been in discussions to come up with executable actions to allow Earth to heal. For decades we have been neglecting the signs that we need to change our behavior, that big industry needs to change the way they run their processes, that we need to achieve better efficiency to cut down on coal/fuel use and taking back control of greenhouse gas emissions and methane emissions. Climate change has had a disastrous impact in our communities, we luckily still have the chance of reverting the damage if we act now.

At Altum we are fully committed with the COP26 agenda, not just by producing sustainably but helping our clients to get rid of industrial fouling issues in their equipment. Industrial fouling is the major cause of increased CO2 emissions. As industrial equipment such as pipes, heat exchangers and evaporators get fouled, more energy is needed to keep up with production targets, this translates to more emissions. Here is where Altum has stepped up to help production companies cut down on using toxic chemicals to clean fouling but on top of that providing a more sustainable solution which is fouling prevention. Fouling prevention allows our clients to produce efficiently at all times.

Based on data received from one of our cases in the pulp and paper industry, we have been able to save our client the use of at least 495,105 gallons of fuel per year. In this case, the extra fuel was needed to keep up with production targets after their equipment starts to get dirty. Since they don’t use that much fuel anymore this has translated into CO2 emissions reduction of more than 4400 metric tons per year.

There are close to 10,000 paper mills in the World, if all of them would use the same application, CO2 emissions would decrease by 44 million tons every year. To put that into perspective, this is the same number of yearly emissions produced by 9.5 million cars. This is only from one application in one industry, just think about what we would be able to achieve if Cleantech solutions like Altum’s are applied to improve production across every single industry and thousands of plants?

The targets set by the United Nations can be accomplished and in a record time if we commit to achieving them and companies invest in sustainable solutions that not only can get rid of production bottlenecks and greenhouse gas emissions but that will have a positive economic impact as well.

We urge each individual to push their local companies and governments to accept that we need to do something and suggest what solutions can be used to save our planet for future generations to come.

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