Leading with Values: Altum Technologies' Commitment to Responsible Business Practices

Altum Technologies is a company structured around a flat organizational model, actively collaborating across teams that support business and HR management. The Business Management team is responsible for business-related matters, while HR Management focuses on people, culture, and leadership issues.

The company’s vision is to rise to the top of its industry, progressing towards this goal by enhancing customer processes and achieving climate benefits. As the aim is to provide the best solution in the industry, continuous development is essential. Furthermore, all development efforts are tailored to meet customer needs, with a constant endeavor to better fulfill these requirements.

Responsible Governance is Key – And It Shows in Daily Operations


When discussing responsible governance, ethical and legal actions underpin all company operations, grounded in its values. While environmental goals are set high, they are always achieved within the framework of the law and ethics. ESG and HR Director Beda Arponen explains that the company’s values are evident in practical work, both internally and externally.

“Of course, we always want to act ethically and fairly, and be transparent in all our processes. One of the most important areas is data security. We handle a lot of customer data, as well as information related to our staff. The processing of this data must be safe and ethical,” emphasizes Beda.

On top of this, investors receive annual reports on sustainability themes, and responsibility towards stakeholders is demonstrated through open communication, transparency, and confidentiality.

Responsible Governance to Ensure Employee Wellbeing


Governance practices need to be robust, as partners, shareholders, and investors quickly notice any shortcomings or issues.

However, Beda reminds us that the commitment to responsibility is driven by motives beyond satisfying investors.

“We want to be a responsible workplace where people feel good. We fully believe in our staff and maintain open communication. Our top vision is to be the number one climate technology and production improvement provider for the process industry. This cannot be realized if responsibility is not reflected in every aspect of our operations, both internally and externally,” states Beda.

This year, the company has been developing a new code of conduct that highlights ethical practices even more, such as what ethical behavior means in the workplace, the company’s values, how to act according to these values, how to demonstrate transparency, and how values are reflected in actions. The staff will be trained in this new code, and Beda hopes its effects will positively impact the workplace atmosphere.

Preparing for the Future and Continuous Development


The prerequisite for responsible operations is continuous development. Legislation changes, and new ethical aspects arise regularly. Beda notes that the company prepares for the future and adheres to ethics by following laws and current changes. Currently, relevant themes include the EU’s new taxonomy and the ecodesign directive, which will directly affect the product.

“The taxonomy and new reporting standards will impact us in some way – we are prepared to create new ways of operating according to them. We stay aware of current issues and actively plan for the future to adapt to changes,” says Beda, emphasizing that changes are not made solely due to external pressure or legal obligations.

“We don’t do reporting just for the sake of reporting, but to change and improve our operations. We have a desire to develop and understand our own activities, and this drive for improvement starts from the entire company.”

“Everyone believes that we can make a positive impact in the world.”


Responsible governance reflects not only on customers and stakeholders but also on the staff. The company aims for transparent communication about all important decisions and justifies these decisions to its staff. Maintaining trust is crucial, requiring two-way communication and visibility of values in action.

“We want Altum to be a responsible workplace where people feel good. We encourage our staff to continuously develop and offer opportunities for various career paths. We believe in our staff and ensure that trust is mutual.”

Altum’s strength lies in its highly committed workforce, an open and supportive atmosphere, and collaborative efforts towards a common goal. When teamwork is strong internally, it often directly translates to better service for customers.

“In my opinion, Altum’s strength is that everyone is committed to our goals and believes that together we can do good – make a positive change in this world. This motivates our employees and has led to a highly committed workforce.”

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