Introducing Altum: José, Director of Nuclear and Operations

In our ‘Introducing Altum’ -series, we’re introducing you to the people behind the scenes taking care of our different operations. This time we’ll learn more about our Director of Nuclear and Operations, José. This interview sheds light on his journey to Altum, the dynamic responsibilities of his role, and the unique aspects that make Altum a trendsetter in the industry.

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What is your title?

Director, Nuclear & Operations

How long have you worked at Altum?

A little over 7 months.

What is your educational background?

Master of Science in Materials Engineering (M.Sc.Eng).

What made you want to work at Altum?

My life was at a crossroad after the conclusion of a previous project, and Altum offered a special challenge different from previous positions. The fascinating technology with clear benefits for the nuclear industry was intriguing, and therefore I went for it.

What tasks does your role entail?

My tasks cover two areas: the first is driving the nuclear program and bringing our technology to the industry. This entails all around project management, stakeholder management, marketing, and various technical discussions. The second area is about overseeing our production and operations: this includes looking after both sourcing and manufacturing activities to make sure we have enough components, and our deliveries are shipped on time with proper quality.

What are your favorite things about your job?

I have previously worked in big organizations, which tend to be a bit rigid, and there are limited opportunities to influence their strategies. Altum offers the possibility to apply my know-how and influence strategy and ways of working, and I find that motivating. I also enjoy the freedom of movement and working with an inspiring group of people

What are the most challenging things in your job?

Well, the nuclear industry is known to be conservative, and introducing new technology can be challenging; some projects move slowly, which can sometimes be frustrating. This requires patience, as actions or decisions do not happen overnight. On the operations side, as a growing company we still have some uncertainties about production numbers and the warehouse component levels. This uncertainty can be challenging, as we aim to respond promptly to our customers’ requests without overwhelming our stock levels. Finding this balance requires flexibility and ability to adapt.

Is there something you have recently learned on the job?

I learn something every day. The technology is very fascinating and new to me, and although I already knew the overall concept when I started, all the fine tuning and technical details have been very interesting to learn about. This continuous learning experience serves as a powerful motivator.

What makes Altum a trendsetter?

Altum is clearly a company that’s punching above its weight, as for a small organization, our ambitions and targets are huge. Our technology speaks for itself and is a trendsetter on its own: the added value for companies does not require explanation but is self-evident. The new ways of working towards fouling removal and prevention, revolutionizing maintenance, and our contribution towards the fight against climate change make us a trendsetter.

Would you like to share something funny or interesting that’s happened to you during a workday?

There is no specific situation, but in general, Altum is my first experience with a start-up, and the team is very competent and a fascinating group of people. The approach to work is both something old and something new: very relaxed, but also very focused and driven. Every day at the office is interesting and something fascinating happens almost every day!

Thank you José for the interview! 


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