Introducing Altum: Matias, CEO

To kick off 2024, we’ve interviewed our CEO, Matias, to find out about the joys and challenges of managing a climate tech company, as well as to take a look at his vision for 2024 and beyond for Altum Technologies and the process industry.

What is your educational background? 

Master of Science in Industrial Engineering, with undergraduate studies in Master of Science in Economics.

What are your favorite things about your job?

I really enjoy collaborating with our customers and working towards maximizing the value our technology can bring them. Creating strategic initiatives alongside our current and prospective investors is an aspect of my role that I also genuinely enjoy. On top of this, working together with our wonderful staff is one of the main perks of the job.

What are the most challenging things in your job?

Similar to numerous companies across diverse industries, the present circumstances and economic landscape present challenges for businesses universally. Even though results in several customer projects are astonishing, it takes a lot of resources and time to embed new technologies to legacy ways of working.

Is there something you have recently learned on the job?

Managing a company in an ever-evolving field has been a big theme recently. I learn something new constantly, which is also part of the appeal.

I’ve also gained an even deeper understanding of the importance of providing proper value to our customers, which is something we need to keep our focus on and do everything we can to achieve.

Despite having big goals, it has also become clear to me how the process of working toward those goals is equally significant and meaningful. The destination is important, but you also need to enjoy the journey.

Describe the work community at Altum in three words.

Open, caring, and hard working.

What makes Altum a trendsetter?

We are part of the bigger trend known as the green transition, and work in the climate technology sector to provide ways for companies in the process industry to do their part towards a greener, CO2 free, future. Our work results in tangible good, and this is achieved through showcasing a can-do attitude every day: attitude is everything.

How do you approach the new year?

Despite the difficult global situation, we invest in our capabilities to provide for an even wider customer base. Times and markets are uncertain all over the world, but we have everything in place to make a change, thus approaching the new year with positivity and faith in the future.

How do you see the process industry evolving during the upcoming years? What is Altum’s role in this change or progress?

Different companies are increasingly understanding how their processes suffer from energy inefficiency, and especially the current trend towards stricter CO2 emission standards and prices is a crucial concern for the process industry. In addition to reducing CO2 emissions, the use of toxic chemicals is on the road towards stricter regulation. These are issues our solution can help companies solve, by increasing process efficiency and reducing the need for chemicals.

In addition to simply enhancing existing processes, we can enable them in the first place by keeping the equipment clean and suitable for production. We also enable new ways of running the process. In a time of increasing demand for important change to ensure a future for our planet, our technology forms a crucial part in helping that change materialize.

Would you like to share something funny or interesting that’s happened to you during Altum’s existence?

One thing that comes up when thinking about the years spent with Altum is the diversity of people I’ve been able to meet and work with. It’s been especially interesting to see how different educational backgrounds influence different types of thinking, and how we all have our different ways of looking at the world and the different opportunities it provides.

Final question: a message to everyone reading to kick off 2024?

Together we succeed.

Thank you Matias for sharing your thoughts! 


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