Forest Bioeconomy Technologies and Services from Finland presentation

Finland is known for its forest and forest-based technologies, services, and products in pulp and paper, cardboard, and new biobased products. New solutions, products, and technologies are developed in Finland to reduce environmental footprint, support sustainable development, and improve the efficiency of the industries. Altum Technologies is part of Forest Bioeconomy Technologies and Services from Finland presentation, coordinated by Business Finland.

As one of our primary customer segments is the pulp and paper industry, we are also supporting our customers to meet their environmental targets by reducing CO2 emissions, usage of chemicals, and water with our solution.

Our ZPD solution enables our pulp and paper customers to clean or prevent fouling in different industrial equipment. The uniqueness of our solution is that the system can be attached externally to any existing production environment (i.e., evaporators and pipelines) without making changes to the production process or the equipment nor stopping the production process. In addition, the same solution can be used to clean several different types of equipment within one plant.

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