ultrasonic can increase production uptime
Pipes are a cost-efficient and flexible way to transport materials like oils, chemicals and water directly from source. But they are vulnerable to blockages and leakages that can lead to shutdowns. Our ultrasonic cleaning is a smart, sustainable, and cost-effective way to avoid fouling and scaling with no downtime in production.
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Fouling or precipitates obstructing industrial flow systems and heat processes, is an age-old issue. But it has become a major industrial problem that companies spend billions of dollars to combat.

It is estimated that fouling and/or scaling costs the top 10 economies as much as USD 1235 billion in their GDP. This is not purely on account of production halts. It also includes the decrease in energy efficiency and the negative environmental impact.

While several solutions like coatings, and chemical cleaning can be used to reduce fouling, many of them still involve manual /mechanical intervention, production lockdowns or cause harmful chemical emissions. They do not support industrial processes and productivity in a sustainable manner.

But all that is set to change.

AI powered ultrasonic scale removal

Our IoT- and- AI-enabled, Zero-Process-Downtime (ZPD) ultrasonic cleaning is a next-gen patented cleantech solution that can be scaled to suit any need. ZPD effectively cleans a pre-defined target point inside a pipe or any structure carrying a liquid by combining traditional ultrasound cleaning with proprietary beamforming software that helps focus cleaning power precisely where it is needed.

ZPD is the world’s only externally attached power ultrasound system that is controlled with a patented software that will clean any existing production environment without making any changes to the production equipment. We are the only company in the world that uses software for cleaning. Our ultrasonic waves are ten times more powerful than any other ultrasonic method. They give users the ability to sustainably clean pipes with no chemicals / least amount of chemicals in CIP cleanings.

The self-adjustable software of ZPD does away with the need for user interaction in the cleaning process. That’s because we predefine and remotely monitor the cleaning cycle ourselves. Our technology is flexible and can be used continuously during production or as a support to make other cleaning processes less expensive, more sustainable, and more efficient.

Maximum uptime, minimum emissions  

With ZPD, there is also no need to stop production or processes to remove fouling or scaling. This significantly improves flow-consistency in i.e., pumping and dewatering processes. Our solution breaks the cell and allows for increased separation of water from the waste, which then compresses and dries the waste more than usual making it is easy to transport and dispose.

In addition, the pre-processing facility is better managed when the pump is functioning at steady-flow rates, which results in improved production efficiency, increased energy efficiency, and reduced chemical emissions thereby dramatically improving a plant’s environmental footprint.

ZPD recently helped a small a pulp and paper mill save 495,105 gallons in fuel costs per year recently. This translated into a reduction of 4400 metric tons CO2 annually! Can you imagine and comprehend the possibilities?

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