Top 5 frequently asked questions about our technology

1. What makes Altum’s cleaning solution unique compared to other technology providers?

Altum’s technology can keep different liquid carrying equipment of varying size and geometry clean. Utilizing the software to guide the ultrasound in the structure improves the efficiency of the solution.

Many industrial companies are forced to stop their production due to the accumulated fouling inside their equipment, which (depending on each company’s production process) can cause revenue losses worth several millions of dollars. Altum’s ultrasonic solution not only can remove scaling in any industrial equipment sustainably and effectively during production but it also allows our customers to maintain their profitability by enabling them to continue production while the solution is installed.

2. How does Altum’s system work?

Altum’s solution is designed according to the needs and application of our customers. Our technology works best with liquid carrying equipment because the ultrasound performance has the best effect through liquid.

While the standard low power ultrasonic baths and other similar systems operate with a limited power output, Altum’s solution utilizes higher power more suitable for industrial environment. This is enough to get results in some cases in a very short timeframe.

3. What type of fouling your technology cleans?

We are experienced in working with such fouling types as biofilmsbiofoulingmineral scalingslurriesfat fouling, and chemical reaction fouling. As mentioned previously, power ultrasound technology works best when the industrial equipment contains liquid. This is because ultrasound can travel through liquid and remove or prevent fouling effectively.

4. What is the distance reached by ultrasound?

The cleaning distance varies from meters to tens of meters. Its reach is highly dependent on the materialand geometry of the equipment, type of liquid and fouling, pressure, and other industrial related criteria. Any bends, gaskets or flanges will reduce the distance but that can be compensated with adding another installation location to achieve the most optimized performance.

5. How IoT (Internet of Things) is integrated into your solution?

Our company’s solution is a software-guided power ultrasound technology. Our software allows us to monitor all Altum devices operating in the field and keep them optimized in a real-time operating process. Through normal cellular network we are able to ensure that all systems are optimized for the specific application and generates the best results for our customers.

And that’s all! We hope this information answered some of your questions, should you still want to know how we can address your needs exactly, please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact-us page  🙂