5 Benefits of Improving the Energy Efficiency in Your Evaporation Process

There is a patented new way of keeping your evaporators clean and reaching significant cost savings in both time and energy. It also helps your company reach its goals towards the environment by decreasing your emissions radically. Sounds like something to aim for, right?

As the whole world is struggling with rising energy costs and energy shortages, the global demand for improving energy efficiency as well as decreasing emissions applies to every industry. Needless to say: the pulp and paper industry makes no exception.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that the pulp and paper sector needs to limit its energy use growth to 0.5% per year to align with the Net Zero Emissions by 2050 scenario. The sector is among the top industrial energy consumers, and this is why there is great potential to make a significant difference by improving energy efficiency.

So how can energy efficiency be improved in the pulp and paper sector? Improving evaporation unit efficiency by keeping pipes and evaporators clean is the key!

Not only will there be significant environmental benefits from these efficiency improvements, the pulp and paper industry will also have substantial cost savings and safer operations.

Altum Technology has found an effective and pioneering way to lead the industry into a more sustainable future: Altum’s software-guided Zero Process Downtime (ZPD) ultrasound cleaning is a sustainable and cost-efficient way for pulp and paper mills to be more energy efficient and reduce their environmental impact.

Fouling in evaporator tubes is a time and energy-consuming problem for the pulp and paper industry. It leads to higher costs and risks and increases emissions and wastage. Ultrasound is chemical-free and can increase energy savings in evaporators by more than 50% and increase their uptime by 25% even as it controls erosion and corrosion.

In comparison, traditional methods of cleaning fouling are costly as they involve the use of chemicals and mechanical washing procedures, which are only possible with significant production downtime.

So, what benefits and changes can be expected from Altum’s Zero Process Downtime (ZPD) ultrasound cleaning?

Increased efficiency can lead to lower:

  • production losses
  • production downtime
  • water usage
  • effluent waste and
  • people and process-related risks

Our clients have benefited in the following ways by using Altum’s solution for evaporators:

  • Energy efficiency is up 50 %
  • Operational time is up 25 %
  • Evaporation ton per hour rate is up 6 %+
  • Pumping efficiency up is 10 %+
  • Mechanical and Chemical cleansing is down 70 %+

Companies operating evaporators can thus expect significant cost savings due to multiple improvements in the cleaning process provided by Altum’s patented ZPD solution.

If you are interested in investing in the energy efficiency of your evaporators, we are here to help you! Contact us now!